Saturday, October 2, 2010

WPC statement on the attempted Coup in Ecuador

Statement of the WPC regarding the attempted Coup in Ecuador

The World Peace Council denounces the attempted Coup d’ Etat
against the President of the country Rafael Correa in an effort to destabilize
the country and allow domestic and foreign reactionary forces to intervene.
The attempted coup comes as continuation of the Coup d’ Etat in
Honduras, this time in a country where the anti-imperialist peoples’
movement achieved the shut down and withdrawal of the US Military Basis
of Manta (Ecuador) few years ago.
The WPC expresses its solidarity to the peace loving people and the
anti-imperialist movement in Ecuador, condemning any effort to disrupt the
will and feelings of its people and calls for vigilance for any future
subversive and imperialist interference.
We note with deep concern the manoeuvres of US Imperialism to
deploy more Military Bases in the region and as well as the reactivation of
the 4th US Naval fleet in the area, both instruments of imperialist domination
in South America.
We defend the right of the people of Ecuador to determine its future
freely and democratically, against the local oligarchy and its foreign
imperialist allies.
The Secretariat of WPC 1st October 2010